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Please see below information on parent /educator services and trainings for children/adults with autism. Some services are restricted to the state of Colorado.

MORE SERVICES – Offers Parent and Educator online training to help with teaching and behavioral interventions for autism.


COLORADO COMMUNITY CENTER BOARDS (CCB) - THE CCBs are agencies located in most counties in Colorado to help person with disabilities. They can assist with enrollment into the various Medicaid waivers which offers funding for respite, community connector, behavioral, day habilitation and other services.



 Colorado Bluesky Enterprises, Inc – 719-546-0572

 The Resource Exchange –-380-1100

 Star Point (Canon City) – 719-275-1616



The Medicaid Waivers offer Medicaid to children who may not otherwise qualify due to parental income. MEDICAID WAIVERS USED BY SECA INCLUDE:

 The Children Extensive Supports (CES) Waiver (for children ages 3 years - 18years. See


 Support Living Services (SLS) Waiver (for person 18 years and older). See:


 Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver - (for person 18 years and older). See:






Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Parent Program

This program offers in-home employment for parents as their child's certified nursing assistant (CNA) - click the link below to learn more:



Homehealth Agencies Offering CNA Parent Programs

Maxim Healthcare – 719-542-1777

Team Select Home Care – 719-292-1231

MGA Home Healthcare – 719-476-0200

Nursing & Therapy Services of Colorado – 719-574-5562

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