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Soaring Eagles Center for Autism (SECA) began as a Christian-based nonprofit organization in 2001. The founders of the center, Dr. Karen Colvin and Nancy Barris, P.A., both have sons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). After their sons were diagnosed, they endured a long and difficult struggle to obtain the special therapies their sons needed, and the education they themselves needed to understand and cope with the challenges of autism.


The center began as a local support group of 12 parents seeking assistance for their children with ASD. At that time the closest center for autism treatment was two hours away in Denver. Unfortunately, these services were inaccessible and unaffordable to many southern Colorado families.


Realizing the need in the Pueblo County community for intensive treatment services for children with autism, SECA began offering autism education programs for parents and teachers. When they saw the positive impact of this community support, they expanded their programs to include behavioral and social skills training services for children with ASD.


In June 2002, SECA began offering Pueblo County’s first summer program specifically designed for children with autism spectrum disorder. With the success of this first summer program and at the request of the parents, they continued the teaching services throughout the year. It soon became their mission to increase the services to children with autism and their families, and to expand their community education efforts in southern Colorado.


Today, SECA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization which serves as a Pediatric Behavioral Clinic for the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Finance. In addition, SECA serves as a provider for the Home and Community Based Services Waivers and other Medicaid based programs for children and adult clients. Our services include Respite Care (in-home relief for caregivers) and Community Connector Programs (trained therapists who take clients into the community or who attend community events with clients such as Scout meetings or church services). SECA’s staff is trained to de-escalate and re-direct inappropriate behaviors.

SECA is designated as a school under the Colorado Department of Education, and serves as an alternative educational facility for individuals with autism.


SECA serves as an advocate for persons with ASD and their families, and serves southern Colorado as a full-service autism center and resource organization for parents, teachers, medical personnel, and school districts.


The most recent reports on autism from the Centers for Disease and Control & Prevention (CDC) reports that autism effects 1 child out of every 54. The CDC has declared autism to be a National Health Emergency. However, research shows that intervention services results in children needing less assistance as adults. See


A diagnosis of autism changes the lives of families. As SECA continues to grow, our hope is to always be a place of support and encouragement to those in our community affected by autism.

Our Mission Statement

Soaring Eagles Center’s mission is to offer respectful involvement in the lives of families who include children/persons with autism through providing education, advocacy, preparation and intervention. Our goal is to preserve always the dignity, independence, and heightened self-determination of our clients. We envision our clients and their families functioning optimally and coping effectively in our society

For more information about Soaring Eagles Center for Autism please contact us at (719) 547-8803


Karen W. Colvin, M.S. M.D. - Executive Director

Mona Ortega-Medina, BA, M.S. - Assistant Director

Betty Nufer - Development Director

Lynzee Griggs, B.S., BCBA- Sr. Behavior Consultant

Janet Baer B.S, Administrative Assistant

Monique Maes - Receptionist


Soaring Eagles Policy Information

Nondiscriminatory Policy


The Soaring Eagles Center for Autism admits client of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally or made available to the clients at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, and athletic and other center administered programs. SECA ‘s policy is that no otherwise qualified handicapped individual shall solely by reason of his/her handicap, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity.




Asbestos Safety Statement


Soaring Eagles Center for Autism is an asbestos free school/learning center. However, to comply with State and Federal regulations, we have an asbestos management plan. If you wish to see this plan please contact Karen Colvin M.D., Executive Director the Local Education Agency Designee.

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